Automakers Race to Put Cars on the Moon

Feb 8, 2022

The world’s newest space race has shifted into high gear. Car companies have entered the race. They're trying to roll out new vehicles that drive across the moon’s surface. Toyota plans to build a moon rover with the help of Japan’s space agency, JAXA.

Toyota is developing its “Lunar Cruiser.” Experts predict the moon could be colonized by 2040. The automaker wants to help. The joint project has been going on since 2019. Toyota officials released details about the space vehicle last week.

Takao Sato heads the project. He said the cruiser is made to provide moon colonists with a car where they can sleep, work, eat, and talk to others.

“We see space as an area for our once-in-a-century transformation,” Sato told the Associated Press. “By going to space, we may be able to develop ... technology that will prove valuable to human life.” 

The Lunar Cruiser is named after the company’s earthly land cruiser. It will come with a robotic arm. The car is set to be revealed by the end of 2030, company officials said.

General Motors is developing its self-driving Lunar Terrain Vehicle. Nissan is also creating a moon cruiser with JAXA. The company has not said whether the vehicle will be driven by a person. 

Photo from Toyota Motor Corp.

Based on the information in the article, Toyota plans to produce the lunar cruiser by _______. (Common Core RI.5.1; RI.6.1)
a. the end of 2022
b. 2025
c. 2030
d. 2040
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