Cycling to School: ‘Bike Buses’ Bond Communities, Save Gas

Oct 17, 2022

Perhaps nothing gives a kid a sense of freedom more than a bicycle. Hopping on a bike opens up a world of adventure. A bike is also a fun way to get exercise. Now, in some places, bikes are the way growing numbers of kids are getting to school.

So-called “bike buses” are groups of bike-riding kids led by an adult. They're popping up in neighborhoods throughout North America and Europe.

In the US, parents and other adults say there are lots of benefits to bike buses. The bikes help keep kids active, give them a better sense of community, and, of course, are a clean method of travel.

In Minneapolis, one cyclist put together a bike commute for his local school zone. He told NBC’s Today Show it “creates connectivity between all walks of life.” He started with about a dozen kids. Now, his morning herd is 150. His cyclists make about eight stops along their route. At each stop, more bikers join the pack.

Parents and teachers report that kids who bike to school in groups have a more positive attitude and are more mentally prepared to learn. And because the kids travel in big groups, parents feel more assured that their children are safe biking amid the cars.

“The kids aren't rushed out the door anymore and they're happy when they arrive at school,” said a college professor in Ontario, Canada. She leads a bike bus too. “It's a movement.”

Photo by Lala Azizli courtesy of Unsplash.

A topic sentence is a sentence that summarizes the main idea of a paragraph. Which of the following sentences is an example of a topic sentence? (Common Core RI.5.5; RI.6.5)
a. “Now, in some places, bikes are the way more-and-more kids are getting to school.”
b. “They're popping up in neighborhoods throughout North America and Europe.”
c. “In Minneapolis, one cyclist put together a bike commute for his local school zone.”
d. “‘It's a movement.’”
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