Russia Bombards Ukraine as West Caps Price of Russian Oil

Dec 6, 2022

Russian forces unleashed a huge missile assault across Ukraine on Monday. It destroyed homes. Power to many towns was cut off as winter takes hold of the region. Russian officials said Ukrainian drones struck air bases hundreds of miles inside their country.

Ukraine was able to shoot down more than 60 of over 70 incoming missiles, its military said. Ukrainian officials in Kyiv had been ready for the attacks. It prepared for them because blackouts in parts of Ukraine were being lifted. Moscow has directed air assaults on sources of Ukraine’s energy since early October. That's because Russian forces have had to retreat in some places.

Three Russian soldiers died in the drone attacks, Russian officials said. Ukraine did not admit to carrying out the attacks. The attacks are the deepest in Russia during the war so far.

The strikes come as governments from the West put in place a $60-per-barrel price cap for Russian oil. That price cap took effect Monday. It was created to reduce the flow of oil money to Russia. Russia is using that income to pay for its war against Ukraine. Russia is the world’s second-largest exporter of oil. Saudi Arabia is the first.

Russian officials have said they will not follow the price cap. They said the country could cut oil production in response. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has criticized the $60-per-barrel cap as too high. He says it still gives Russia a large income.

The Group of Seven (G7) worked on the price-cap agreement. 


Photo from Reuters. 

Based on the way it’s used in the fourth paragraph, which of the following definitions for “cap” is correct? (Common Core RI.5.4; RI.6.4)
a. a mechanical or electrical explosive device
b. something that serves as a cover or protection
c. an upper limit on what is allowed
d. a protective covering that is part of a plant
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