Tropical Storm Idalia Expected to Strike Florida as Major Hurricane

Aug 29, 2023

Categories of Hurricane

Tropical Storm Idalia is rushing across the Caribbean at 65 mph. It's forecast to become a major hurricane before slamming into Florida’s west coast by early Wednesday.

If it does, the storm will be the first to hit the eastern US this season. Experts say the storm will cut across northern Florida. It's then forecast to hit the coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas.

"This is gonna be a powerful hurricane," Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters. It's "absolutely gonna impact the state of Florida," he added.

DeSantis put 46 counties under a state of emergency. He also put 1,100 National Guard troops on alert. They will carry out rescue missions where needed.

The storm is forecast to make landfall in the state’s Big Bend area. Experts say it could become a Category 3 hurricane before it hits the coast.

Hurricanes are ranked on a scale of one to five. A three is defined as a storm packing winds of 111-129 mph. Damage from it could be deadly.

The government has already issued mandatory evacuation orders along the coast. It’s also applied to those living in mobile homes in those areas.

Reflect: What kinds of challenges might people face when a strong storm or hurricane is approaching, and how do you think communities can work together to stay safe?

Based on the details in the infographic, which category of hurricane has storm packing winds of 130- 156 mph? (Common Core RI.5.7; RI.6.7)
a. Category 2
b. Category 3
c. Category 4
d. Category 5
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