Winter Storm Wallops South and Central US, Leaving 2 Dead

Feb 1, 2023

This story was last updated at 5:30pm EST 1/31/2023. 

A storm bearing a blend of ice, sleet, and snow hit the central and southern US on Tuesday. The storm killed two in weather-related car accidents. 40 million people from southeastern New Mexico to West Virginia are under winter weather alerts.

Police said one driver was killed in a 10-car crash in Austin, Texas. Two others were in a different crash. They were sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Another motorist died in a car crash in a Dallas suburb.

EMS crews in the Dallas area responded to as many as 142 accidents. 16 of them involved cars flipped over.  

1,600 flights were canceled due to the storm. It also led to 7,000 power outages across Texas. In parts of Arkansas, cars weren't able to move. Arkansas' governor declared a state of emergency. She also asked people to stay home during the storm.

National Weather Service scientists reported that ice caused a lot of the problems.

The storm started Monday. It was expected to bring ice, sleet, and snowfall. The weather will continue at least through Wednesday morning.  

Photo from Reuters. 

The author’s purpose for writing this story is to _______. (Common Core RI.5.6; RI.6.6)
a. inform the reader of a severe winter storm that is affecting millions of people across the US this week
b. educate the reader on how to stay safe during severe winter storms
c. update the reader with details about how airlines are preparing to address flight cancellations due to the storm
d. make a prediction about how many people will lose power in the US due to the winter storm
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