World’s Tiniest, Most Endangered Sea Turtle Found in Louisiana For First Time in 75 Years

Aug 23, 2022

Types of Sea Turtles

Babies of the world’s smallest and most endangered sea turtle have been found for the first time in 75 years off the coast of New Orleans.

Experts have documented over 53 turtle crawls. Two baby turtles hatching were also spotted. That's according to Louisiana officials. Some are the tiniest turtle species. They're called the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle. This is big because 95% of Kemp’s ridley nesting takes place in Mexico. The other turtles are loggerheads. They, too, are on a list of protected animals.  

“Louisiana was largely written off as a nesting spot for sea turtles decades ago, but this ... demonstrates why barrier island restoration is so important,” one official told the Associated Press.  

The chain of barrier reef islands is off the coast of Louisiana. It is part of the Breton National Wildlife Refuge. That's the US' second-oldest wildlife refuge.   

“We are gaining a better understanding of the benefits ... restoration may provide in the recovery of this endangered species,” another official told The Guardian. 

The agencies have been keeping an eye on the islands since May. The goal is to help restore them. The islands were hurt by BP’s huge oil spill in 2010. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 hit the islands hard, too.  

One of the officials said the Kemp’s ridley hatchlings would help his agency “make sure these turtles and other wildlife return to our shores year after year.”

Which of the following details is included in the infographic and the article? (Common Core RI.5.7; RI.6.7)
a. Leatherback turtles are the largest sea turtles.
b. Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are the smallest sea turtles.
c. Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are the most endangered sea turtles.
d. Loggerhead turtles are protected as an endangered species.
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